War. War never changes.

A hundred years of war finally ended four years ago, with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold. The folk have been picking up the pieces since then, all across Khorvaire. Its a time of peace, or so it would seem.

In the wake of the Day of Mourning, the former nation of Cyre remains a mystery. Now called the Mournland, rumors of empty and abandoned cities have encouraged expeditions into the fog. But the Mournland does not always give back those that enter its borders…

On the plains of Darguun, the drums of the goblin races beat heavy with the thrum of war. The human kingdoms are weak and disjointed. Easy prey for their war bands.

Beyond the Eldeen Reaches, the Abyssal creatures stir within the sands.

Across the sea, a vast silence has deafened the continent of Sarlona. No communication, no ships, not even a simple carrier pigeon.

To the South, Xen’Drik holds more secrets than any could imagine. As the possible inception point of the Warforged, too many mysteries surround the ruins, and the intrigue in the city of Stormreach is thick enough to cut.

How will the world fare? Be it peace? Or shall the echos of the Last War reverberate, and plunge Eberron into decimation once more?

This campaign is a non-traditional D&D 3.5 game.

Characters will be rolled up as follows:

  • Point-buy system of 25 + 1d8 (see Dungeon Master’s Guide v3.5, Page 169)
    • Each stat starts at 8
      • A stat of 9 costs 1 point.
      • A stat of 10 costs 2 points.
      • A stat of 11 costs 3 points.
      • A stat of 12 costs 4 points.
      • A stat of 13 costs 5 points.
      • A stat of 14 costs 6 points.
      • A stat of 15 costs 8 points.
      • A stat of 16 costs 10 points.
      • A stat of 17 costs 13 points.
      • A stat of 18 costs 16 points.
  • Starting level of 1d4, experience and skills applied, as it is assumed everyone’s been around at least a few years before the end of the Last War, and probably fought, trained for, or otherwise participated in the war effort for their respective nation.
  • Characters can be from differing nations, even a refugee from Cyre, but be aware of certain situations that might spark anger from the War.
  • Include a profession, whether it be a merchant, roaming pickpocket, hired mercenary, investigator, scribe, or anything that would basically be your character’s livelihood.

This is non-traditional D&D, as rolling for combat or skillchecks will be for particularly difficult circumstances, and everything else is role-played based on what the character can do.

Eberron - Remains of the Last War

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