Eberron - Remains of the Last War

George post: Log #001

it starts

Game #1
The party of strangers congeals at le’Diner, because of a mugging/murder that seemed off.
Sous-vide (the Halfling fixer-chef) knows a surprising lot more about the victim than either the wizard or the archeologist.
A disc is discovered on the dead body of the prominent professor/archeologist Mr. It’dbetohardtoremember..
Ratchet (the aimless warforged) believes the murderer was also warforged.
Dristian Chior (the arcane jeweler) deciphered enough of the mysterious disc to know it pertained to warforged and a specific manufacturing sight in old Cyre (now mournlands). Over a week, Dristian makes misleading copy of the disc.
A thief fails to retrieve the disc from Dristian’s vault.
Ratchet and Lemy (the infernal Halfling archeologist) receive compelling visions to take up the quest. Dristian’s curiosity and familial ties to warforging are enough to drive him along. Sous-vide go along as well.
The party book passage on lightning rail, to get as close to the intended location in Mournlands as possible. The train is struck by an unmanned airship.
The party survives with all gear and mounts. Then proceeds to assist the few other survivors.


Harshmage George_R_Gitari_III

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