Eberron - Remains of the Last War

George post: Log #001
it starts

Game #1
The party of strangers congeals at le’Diner, because of a mugging/murder that seemed off.
Sous-vide (the Halfling fixer-chef) knows a surprising lot more about the victim than either the wizard or the archeologist.
A disc is discovered on the dead body of the prominent professor/archeologist Mr. It’dbetohardtoremember..
Ratchet (the aimless warforged) believes the murderer was also warforged.
Dristian Chior (the arcane jeweler) deciphered enough of the mysterious disc to know it pertained to warforged and a specific manufacturing sight in old Cyre (now mournlands). Over a week, Dristian makes misleading copy of the disc.
A thief fails to retrieve the disc from Dristian’s vault.
Ratchet and Lemy (the infernal Halfling archeologist) receive compelling visions to take up the quest. Dristian’s curiosity and familial ties to warforging are enough to drive him along. Sous-vide go along as well.
The party book passage on lightning rail, to get as close to the intended location in Mournlands as possible. The train is struck by an unmanned airship.
The party survives with all gear and mounts. Then proceeds to assist the few other survivors.

Log #002

Game #2
Rrahlarbra (the gnollish trader) saw the fall of the ridiculous human sky ship and tracked it to the resultant devastated train. After having a devine vision, Rr sent his monstrous comapanions back to their tribe, while he endeavored to aid the pathetic humanoids from the wreckage.
Sous-vide (the Halfling fixer-chef) and Dristian (ex-monk human jeweler/wizard) offered what assistance they could to the other survivors’ comfort and recouperation. Since neither adventurer seemed to be the highest ranked official present, they merely accepted the fearsome gnoll’s aid, with a jandanced eye.
Instead of helping the living, Lemy (the Halfling warkock/explorer) helped himself to the possessions of the dead, throughout the burning debris. Lemy discovered that the airship’s crew and passengers had all been brytally murdered pror to the ships failure, as well as a manifest which identified a couple of predominant passengers.
Ratchet (the existential warforged) went into a kind of shock at the sight of all the carnage and reverted to a ony-act-on-orders-given mode, which Sous took advantage of on behalf of the other survuvors.
Meanwhile, nameless non-descript NPCs took care of contacting the far distant authorities (more nameless descriptioonless NPC), who in turn arrived and set the train back on its way. Most of the survivors returned to the capitol with the recuing airship, while the adventures continued north, with the wonded train, including the tagging along Rr (Whom Lemy adopted as a pet).
After transferring to a more complet train in the next town, the party contined on to Starlamadamdingdong (the final civilixed stop before heading into the Dead-gray mist which surrounded the Mournlands of fallen Cyre). While purchasing gear and hirelings for their expedition, the adventurer’s encountered a nameless/racelss “Scharletain” who feebly attempted to dupe Sous into buying a wand of curing on its last charge. Rr wasted the charge before money changed hands.

Log #003

Game #3
The party with hirelings and guide made their way through the doom—fog. The hours passed and threatening rumbles grew louder throughout, though notangible threat could be ideantified by any means. Once through the magical mist, all extraneous sounds ceased. Cyre was blighted ruinous ash. No birds or bugs or any sounds not made by the party.
The guide refused to travel any further into the mournlands, scarpering back into the mist wall and claiming to return in three days time. After making sure of their location and bearings, Dristian (the human ex-monk jeweler-mage) used an old map of the country, to lead the group to the forge they sauht.
On they way, the remains of town verified that all organic matter was gone without trace. Even alchohol from sealed bottles had been vanished.
The 15 story spire of the forge was eventyyally reached. Behind the stone and metal doors was the first indication of organic matter. The stench of rot and death and the two bodies of gurads whom appeared to have simply sat and starved to death.
Following Lemy’s (the Halfling warkock/explorer) manically eager lead, the party descended to the main warforging level. Ratchet’s (the existential warforged) polite knock magically opend the only obstacle doors and within was an epic chamber. Seemingly endless potions of pure magic poured in torrentys down the walls into a vast chasm. Bridges led to a central platform on which rested a sarcophagus-like warforged birthing apparatus.
While Lemy and Rrahlarbra (the gnollish trader) obsessed over collecting unrefined raw-potions, Sous-vide (the Halfling fixer-chef), Ratchet, and dristian inspected the central array. Inevitably Dristian used the disc which prompted the journey to activate the sleek warforged within the device. After whining about having been left waiting ofr six years, the new warforged attacked and was prompty dispatched.
Further inspection of the level revealed a warforged nursey, a warforged assembly chamger, and a extremely well stocked alchemical warehouse/lab.
Before moving on Dristian grew exaspered over the gnoll and halfings obsession with clearly dangerous wild magic, so created a pole by which they could do themselves harm. Rr asked for what what make him stronger and the spell cast explained that transmutation was green and was usually where strength enhancements came from. Rr was turned into a boar, then Lemy took pity and fed another does turning the boar to a black bear. Rr the bear grew distructively agitated, ntil dosed once more and turned into a tiny pixie. Meanwhile, seeing the problems more clearly, lemy opted for abjuration and wound up bored with several forms of magical armor layering ins body.


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