Eberron - Remains of the Last War

Log #002

Game #2
Rrahlarbra (the gnollish trader) saw the fall of the ridiculous human sky ship and tracked it to the resultant devastated train. After having a devine vision, Rr sent his monstrous comapanions back to their tribe, while he endeavored to aid the pathetic humanoids from the wreckage.
Sous-vide (the Halfling fixer-chef) and Dristian (ex-monk human jeweler/wizard) offered what assistance they could to the other survivors’ comfort and recouperation. Since neither adventurer seemed to be the highest ranked official present, they merely accepted the fearsome gnoll’s aid, with a jandanced eye.
Instead of helping the living, Lemy (the Halfling warkock/explorer) helped himself to the possessions of the dead, throughout the burning debris. Lemy discovered that the airship’s crew and passengers had all been brytally murdered pror to the ships failure, as well as a manifest which identified a couple of predominant passengers.
Ratchet (the existential warforged) went into a kind of shock at the sight of all the carnage and reverted to a ony-act-on-orders-given mode, which Sous took advantage of on behalf of the other survuvors.
Meanwhile, nameless non-descript NPCs took care of contacting the far distant authorities (more nameless descriptioonless NPC), who in turn arrived and set the train back on its way. Most of the survivors returned to the capitol with the recuing airship, while the adventures continued north, with the wonded train, including the tagging along Rr (Whom Lemy adopted as a pet).
After transferring to a more complet train in the next town, the party contined on to Starlamadamdingdong (the final civilixed stop before heading into the Dead-gray mist which surrounded the Mournlands of fallen Cyre). While purchasing gear and hirelings for their expedition, the adventurer’s encountered a nameless/racelss “Scharletain” who feebly attempted to dupe Sous into buying a wand of curing on its last charge. Rr wasted the charge before money changed hands.


Harshmage George_R_Gitari_III

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